Blog, JDF18 July 6, 2018

Announcing JDF18 Demo Jam

We are quite excited to announce #JDF18 AppExchange Demo Jam, and can’t wait to see what our AppExchange innovators are going to show in the action-packed 3 mins. Keep following this post for all good details about the same.

What is the Demo Jam?

  1. Game show style event where 4-6 app partners showcase their most compelling app in a super short, no fluff, no slides, 3-minute demo.
  2. In the end, the attendees vote live on their favorite demo (the winner gets an unparalleled medal of honor, i.e. the Demo Jam Trophy)
  3. Powered by AppExchange and driven by well-known Salesforce MVP(s).
  4. In JDF18, our beloved Salesforce MVP and popular demo jam expert, Joshua Hoskins will be driving the same.

When & Where is it?

During #JDF18, On 28th July 2018, at JECC, Jaipur

Some Demo Jam examples, please?

What are the Demo Jam Rules?

  1. 3 minutes for your live demo.
  2. NO slides/powerpoint/video – it must be a live demo.
  3. Entry Fees: 
    • JDF18 Sponsors: FREE for all Platinum & Gold Sponsors. A half-priced, INR 5,000 for all other sponsors.
    • Other AppExchange Partners: INR 10,000
    • GST Extra
  4. Interested? Fill in this form, we will review your app submission and confirm back Demo Jam participation.
  5. Once your app is selected, we will inform you back for confirmation in Demo Jam participation.

Tips & Tricks

  1. Before the event:
    • Finding out the best and most appealing use cases of your App.
    • Practice and master your 3-minute demo.
    • Make it crisp, concise and to the point.
    • Demo it to someone outside your team/company. Ideally, someone who knows nothing/less about your App, it will give you close to real feedback. Of course, you need to ask them to be honest #NoSugarCoating 😉
  2. At the event:
    • Arrive to your Demo Jam 15-20 minutes early.
    • Make sure internet, laptop and app is working fine.
    • We encourage using a clean org with the installed package for demo, with no access to developers for all good reasons 🙂
    • Hashtags are #AppDemoJam #JDF18

I am interested

Have an interesting AppExchange App, and want to fight for the ultimate glory? Fill in the form below before 20th July, to get started:

Please make sure you read and understand the Demo Jam rules carefully before doing the same. Let us know if you have any queries.