Blog May 17, 2018

Jaipur Dev Fest 2017 – A Heart Felt Thank You To Our Army of Volunteers!

DSC_9037 A popular saying goes – “A dream is only as good as the action that follows it”

Jaipur Developer Fest 2017 was a dream by the Indian Salesforce community and it was an army of 50 volunteers that worked day and night to convert this dream into reality. For several years, the community waited for an event which they could call their own and with your help, we made a sincere attempt to plan and execute an event that brings out the best of India.

Although no words will be enough to express how thankful we are to each of these volunteers, we would certainly want to make an attempt and relive the journey of last few months of JDF17 that we lived with them.

From Planning to Execution

While the day of the event (April 1, 2017) was our collective big test, the volunteer efforts started much earlier than that. You set the tone for the event as soon as most of you were involved in the planning stage. Small and focused SWAT teams were formed, Whatsapp groups were bustling with messages at 2 AM in the night and teams were tireless working on weekdays and weekends. The energy you brought us cheered us as we inched closer to the event deadline. Admittedly, your hard work and enthusiasm kept our nerves calm as the pressure began to mount.

A Home ground for Ideas

Our volunteers were our think tank. Several ideas were brought in, brainstormed and put into execution faster than we thought. Right from planning the event schedule, coordinating with speakers and sponsors, social media marketing and what not – you guys and gals made everything feel like it was a breeze.

The Day – The Battle Ground!

Of course, our collective big test started on the event day. Although most of you hadn’t slept for 2-3 days in the lead up to the event, some volunteered to stay through the night before while others rushed to the venue as early as 4 AM to ensure we had enough time to get things in place. The volunteers responsible for travel worked round the clock to ensure our sponsors and speakers coming from other cities got in safely and comfortably to their hotels.

The first big test was handling registrations. While we were a bit nervous of how big a crowd we’ll have, it soon became evident that we’ll be looking at nearly 650-700 registrants in the next few hours. The registration queues got longer but we believe you managed it well to ensure everyone received a warm welcome.




It’s often said that if you begin well, then all goes well and the registration team set the tone for the day to follow! And then it was time to manage sessions, lunch and more sessions!

The Real Test Begins!

While Jaipur has a thriving community and we regularly get 100-150 members attending every time we hold a meetup, a crowd of 700 people is something which none of us had experience managing. Therefore, it was imperative that we relied on each one of you to ensure things went smoothly. There was lot of help needed with ensuring people were able to locate the sessions they wanted to attend, speakers were on time and all decked up before their sessions, sponsors were taken care of – everything while ensuring all sessions went as per schedule.


The keynote hall with standing-only room was a good indication of the day that was to follow! With 3 parallel tracks, nearly 50 speakers and so many sessions, this was no easy task but you all stuck to it and everything turned out well. We did make some scheduling mistakes but then that’s none of your fault.

It was soon time for lunch and the volunteer team again was on task to ensure that 700+ team were well fed with minimal wait time.


And after that, there were sessions, and more sessions. We’re glad that in between those, you found time to pose for some pics and that too with a smile on your faces.



And we can’t image JDF ending without a vote of thanks and all of our volunteers being on stage! Your beautiful smiles after a long day of work has been a memory to cherish!


So, thank you once again – to each one of you – we would like to call out each one of you! Spot your name in the tag cloud below and give yourself a pat on the back for a job well done!


And of course, it was our duty to send you a small gift as a token of appreciation for your efforts! We are glad you liked it and felt connected in this amazing journey!


And it was great that we could meet you all for a small party afterwards to discuss our experiences!


And as we look forward to JDF18, we want our lifeline back – our army of volunteers! Thank you once again and we’ll be relying on you this year as well to pull off a memorable event!

– Team JDF!