Event, JDF18 July 26, 2018

#JDF18 – Why Mumbai-ya Edition?

Ever since we announced Jaipur Dev Fest 2018, we’ve been flooded with questions and queries on why is it being called as the ‘Mumbai’ or ‘Mumbai-ya’ edition? Is it being organised in Jaipur or Mumbai? If it’s in Jaipur, then why ‘Mumbai Edition’?

As we’re less than two days away from D-day, it’s important for us to highlight the reason for choosing and adopting this theme.

It’s all about India!

When we organised JDF17 last year, our vision was to create an event that will be by and for the Indian community. We brainstormed the same with Salesforce and several community leaders and received a very encouraging response. And hence, Jaipur Developer Fest was born as India’s first-ever Salesforce community event!

The intention was very clear – “India’s first-ever” event hosted in Jaipur! And our vision was to help others and extend this concept to multiple cities nation-wide.

The Jaipur Effect!

Of course, Jaipur comes with a strong cultural heritage and we tried to ensure that we bring it out in all it’s glorious colors the event.

Attendee Demographics

We are thankful and blessed that we got attendees for JDF17 from all over India including

  • Delhi/ NCR
  • Chandigarh
  • Ahmedabad
  • Pune
  • Mumbai
  • Bangalore
  • Chennai
  • Kochi
  • Hyderabad
  • Nagpur
  • Indore

and the list goes on! We’re excited that JDF18 is going to bring folks from even more cities from all over India!

JDF17 Statistics

It’s always good to know one’s limitations and then set targets accordingly. With JDF17, we were venturing into the unknown. We planned the event for about 300 attendees and we got nearly 650 attendees instead.

We’ve never wanted to India’s biggest event or India’s most glamorous event – our focus last year & again this year is to do an event which all of us feel connected with & learn from! We knew this event could scale if done in bigger IT hubs such as Bangalore, Hyderabad etc.

Fast Forward to 2018!

Salesforce encouraged us to bring our vision of JDF to pan-India scale and help other regions conduct an event on a similar template. While we offered our full unconditional support, and decided that we won’t do the event again in Jaipur this year, the plan didn’t quiet work out due to several reasons.

We kept getting requests and inquiries into JDF18 and we finally gave into the love of the community! And hence, JDF18 was conceptualised and we got into the planning mode again this year!

Mumbai – The Soul of India!

We believe that if Delhi is the ‘Dil’ or ‘Heart’ of India, Mumbai is it’s true soul. A city that never sleeps, a city that known for it’s resilience and a never say die attitude. As much as we would have loved bringing JDF to Mumbai, this is the best we could do due to logistical and financial constraints – offer the full-on Mumbai experience in Jaipur!

Further, Mumbai is India’s financial capital and a growing hub as far as the Salesforce ecosystem is concerned!

What’s next?

Of course, we remain completely focused on JDF18 – (less than 36 hours away as we write this), our vision remains the same for the longer term – let’s work together to showcase the finest of Indian Salesforce community to the world!

See you on Saturday in Jaipur!

Yours truly with love,

Team JDF