JDF18 July 18, 2018

Meet #JDF18 Gold Sponsor – iBirds

iBirds is an ISO 9001:2008 certified global Software & Web development company started in 2008. Basically, their main goal is to help clients to overcome and provide the new IT Solution using different technologies and innovative ideas.

iBirds are expertise in Salesforce and Provides one-step solution using Salesforce and other technologies.

Community/Ohana connection – iBirds 

iBirds is one of the company which give first priority to their employees. They believe in providing a family environment so a developer could deliver quality product to their clients.

In this following key points iBirds culture is following.

Think Free:

iBirds culture encourage innovation and out-of-the-box thinking. In this way they always suggest their developers to come up with unique ideas and provide best solution to clients.

Stand Apart from the Crowd:

iBirds people are very passionate for their quality, spirit of innovation and client satisfaction that made them stand apart as the unique IT Services provider in current IT companies marathon.

Learning & Growth:

They always promote their culture for individual and professional growth with an environment of continuous learning.

Discussion Group:

iBirds organise weekly developers discussion and monthly seminars on technology upgradation. They actively put their discussion information on iBirds Cloud Discussion Group.


iBirds motivates their employees with monthly and yearly awards such as innovator of the month, Employee of the month, Best team of month, etc.

Our Trailblazer:

iBirds Developers regularly share technologies on blogs and Success communities Here are some URLs where iBirds contributes their knowledge.

iBirds Blogs



Badges on Trailhead from iBirds




Success Community



Year 2018

Year 2016

What does JDF means to you?

The iBirds team is excited to be a gold sponsor as well as It is a great opportunity to meet the #Trailblazers around the india on single platform. Time to meet in person and say thanks them for their valuable contribution to #SalesforceOhana by writing blogs, solving problems on developer and success community and by organising seminars and webinars.

Tell us more about iBirds? 

Ever since our establishment, iBirds are growing every day to meet the growing demands of our clients and surpass their expectations.

They focused on providing the best class service to clients which are from different countries such as USA, China, Australia, America, United Kingdom & Singapore. With the help of our brilliant & dedicated professionals.

They ensure the highest level of certainty and satisfaction through a deep-set commitment with the help of 85+ Developers.

iBirds enables customers to re-imagine their digital future by applying a unique formula of integrated cloud and cognitive technology. They help them enhance productivity by ensuring vital business functions work faster, cheaper and better. Their ability to conceptualize, architect and implement new and expanded capabilities allows clients to transform legacy models to take their business to the next level.

Their core strength is our commitment to solving complex problems and delivering high quality solutions within committed time frames and budgets. Right now they have 100% client success in market.

In this list Their best implementation for clients are:

  1. Accounting system CRM implementation in Salesforce
  2. Google + Microsoft + Apple + Salesforce event scheduling app in Salesforce
  3. Hotel management CRM implementation in Salesforce + Heroku
  4. Shopping system implementation in Salesforce + Magentrix
  5. Daily data + metadata backup implementation in Salesforce + Java

iBirds Appexchange product :  Mass Email app provides you facility to send emails on Custom and Standard Objects in salesforce. You can apply various filters and select records to send emails in bulk or individual.