JDF18 July 19, 2018

Meet #JDF18 Gold Sponsor – MTX

MTX Group Inc. is a global services and enterprise cloud consulting company established in 2008, headquartered in Albany, NY with development operations in India at Jaipur and Hyderabad. Since, its inception, MTX has been consistently striving to be the most customer-focused company by wearing the tour guide hat, and the most employee focused company by promoting an enabling environment and fun culture.

With Salesforce at our heart of what we do, MTX delivers unmatched customer value by combining the world’s top cloud talents with cloud services platforms, such as Salesforce, AWS, Rackspace, Informatica Cloud, JitterBit Harmony and Google Apps that help customers innovate and migrate to the cloud.

MTX is also investing in its disruptive initiative, Maverick.io, Artificial Intelligence platform, to take on some of the world’s difficult challenges, such as healthcare and education.

 As much as we are involved in our business, MTX also gives back to the bottom of the pyramid through our Corporate Social Responsibility initiatives in the areas of health, education, and others through the Nobel Foundation, because we believe that everyone should have an equal opportunity in life, and access to their basic human rights.

Our Purpose @MTX

Community/Ohana Connection – MTX

#Salesforce Ohana, is today, the most active and ever expanding community. MTX, being a customer centric company, realizes that now is the era of not just numbers, but quality and hence recognizes the potential of community.

Close to our heart lies Maverick.io – our blue-eyed product which is built for the community, by the community and belongs to the community. Maverick.io’s soul is crowdsourcing. MTX believes that quality can be attained by nurturing the community and assisting them to bring the best work in the business.

JDF Connection – MTX

#JDF for MTX is a platform to cherish and contribute to the Indian Salesforce Ecosystem. It is a medium to build our social capital by networking with developers, administrators, business users, partners and customers, thereby showcasing our culture, products and services. It is also a channel to learn through a diverse network and share our knowledge, experience, and expertise with an aim to amplify and strengthen the paradigm of the Indian Salesforce ecosystem.

Tell us about Maverick.io?

 Maverick.io, MTX’s AI platform, is a community driven product. It will act as a boon to developers, designers and entrepreneurs, who can use this platform to collaborate, compete and create new and innovative products using the power of crowdsourcing, crowdfunding and Maverick.io’s built-in AI technology.

The Maverick.io community will work through a RAAS (Resource As A Service) model, thereby reducing the operational overhead for companies and help them focus on the core work. With 5121 members currently, through Maverick.io, we intent to bring 20000 members by the end of this year, and 100000 in the years to come.

Maverick.io TV will act like a central library for content rich, informative, and well curated media content to share knowledge and ideas.

This disruptive technology is also going to take on some of the world’s difficult challenges, such as healthcare and education, thus helping us in giving back to the society.

More About MTX:

At the core of MTX values lies great focus on employee wellbeing/employee centricity by providing them fun, open, enabling culture. There are various means and platforms which have been provided to the employees to innovate, ideate and implement.

  1. Leadership Summit: A meet held every year at different national and international locations to bring together the future leaders/those employees who have displayed leadership spirit, to plan and strategies their business units goal and objective for the upcoming year and analyzing the past year. It also gives the employees an opportunity to ease out and gel up with other team members and come across different cultures.
  2. All Hands Meeting: An All MTX meet up every month across the organization via video call for important updates and connect. This helps Senior management to keep in touch with employee at all levels and each employee to voice out their opinion on various practices within the organization.
  3. Dedicated Idea Application: We have a dedicated idea platform where employee post new ideas in different categories like Operations, HR, technologies, automations, sales, culture, finance etc. Not limited to sharing ideas the platform enables employees to convert their ideas into actions and MTX supports such employees with whatever they need to implement their ideas.
  4. Learning & Knowledge Sharing Is a Way of Living @ MTX: Every employee has the freedom to learn at MTX.
  5. Recognition: Recognition at MTX is not limited to parameters. Anyone at any level can recognize the efforts of their peers at any time on our SHOUTOUT application/platform.

Open Door and Fun Culture

The Management is absolutely reachable at the time to resolve queries and enable employee to be able to do the same by empowering/ training them.

We as a company