JDF18 June 10, 2018

WITnessing Neetu in JDF Core 2018

Jaipur Dev Fest after its humungous success in 2017, is now all set to grow even bigger and shine brighter in 2018, with a promise to continue to nurture Salesforce’s #Ohana culture. The foundation of this dream event was to avoid single person/company domination on the event, and bring like-minded people together and grow as one big family. Therefore at JDF, we are always more than ecstatic to welcome Salesforce enthusiasts, who share the same passion and willingness to serve this community.

Yet again, JDF welcomes another promising enthusiast, to be a part of the core team. And this new member is no stranger to the JDF family and has been a part of it since the very beginning. After the exemplary contribution as a volunteer in #JDF2017, this new dynamic member is now all set to take the colossal responsibility of being an organizer at #JDF18. Therefore with immense pleasure and joy #JDF welcomes Neetu Bansal.

Neetu with almost 7 years of total experience is currently spearheading as a Team Lead in Accenture. This new star of JDF is truly passionate about Salesforce technology and is a popular Salesforce Evangelist.

Jaipur WIT Meetup
Jaipur WIT Meetup

She is a Jaipur WIT Leader(Jaipur being the biggest WIT group of India) and also an Organizer at India WIT Summit. And with the Salesforce’s increasing number of WIT every year, it’s wonderful to see Neetu also adding to the Women Power at JDF.

JDF is proud to have such strong women to be our pillar of magnum strength, determination, and support.

“There is no force, more powerful than a woman determined to rise.”

And every new member brings with them, their uniqueness, their ideology, and their style. And we are confident that Neetu, with her uniqueness, her ideology, and her style, will take JDF reach greater heights, in the process serving the Salesforce Community worldwide.

Neetu at JDF17
Neetu at JDF17

Thanks, Neetu for all your efforts in JDF17, looking forward to repeating our success in JDF18.